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Rat Extermination Cambridge

Rat Extermination Cambridge. Rats can thrive in any region and Cambridge is not an exception. We are a professional licensed pest removal service in Cambridge. Our professional technicians are dedicated to providing the highest quality professional service. We will meet all your mouse control needs in the most effective and cost-efficient method possible.

At our facility, we like to joke that, “Pests stop with us” and we mean it! This is because we undertake an individualized approach with every extermination project. Instead of generalizing our service, our customers receive a thorough service. Our extermination process has three services:

  • Inspection service
  • Removal or Treatment Service
  • Exclusion service.

Our technicians will carry out a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your home to ensure that all possible risks are eliminated. We will advise you on all the appropriate prevention methods that you can use to prevent future infestations.

We only hire experienced, licensed technicians to be part of our team. Therefore, we will get your job done right the first time. Our rates are affordable, if you are interested in our service, would love a quote or you want to call to ask a question, don’t hesitate to call us today.

We go the extra distance to make sure youR home is pest free

Rat Extermination Cambridge

Dealing with rat infestation

Rat Extermination Cambridge

If you can hear rustling noises in your wall or ceiling, discovered chewed up cables and electrical wires, there’s a big chance that a rat is behind the destruction. Rats are not the easiest pests to get rid of; they are challenging to get rid of because they are suspicious, cautious and can instinctively sense you are trying to get rid of them. Rats in your home are dangerous, both to your health, and your property. They spread parasites and transmit diseases. 

Most property owners will resort to traps, bait or even get a cat. Effectively getting rid of rodents requires years of experience and skill, it is due to this reason that you need to contact your local pest control Cambridge service immediately you spot these critters.

Therefore, if you feel your business or home is being affected by a rat infestation, our rat exterminator in Cambridge can help. We have a simple process when it comes to getting rid of these nuisance pests.

  • We will inspect your property to identify the rat problem.
  • Analyze the factors contributing to your rat infestation
  • Consult with the client to determine the most appropriate removal method
  • Treat the existing rat problem and prevent future infestation using a combination of removal methods customized for your home or business.

Dealing with rat infestation

Home Rat Extermination Cambridge

We guarantee our Rat Extermination Cambridge services and offer a 6-month warranty on all our work.

It’s not common to see a rat out in the open. You are more likely to see the aftermath of their destruction such as chew marks on food packaging, droppings or destroyed furniture. Mouse droppings are about one-quarter of an inch long with pointed ends, rat droppings, on the other hand, are two to three times larger. Any sign of this should be a clear indication of an infestation.

Having rats in your business can have dire consequences. Public health officials are mandated with the task of protecting consumers from rodent contamination. Any cases reported about your business will lead to closure and a thorough inspection before re-opening. This could seriously damage your reputation, leading to loss of clients especially for businesses in the food industry.

Rats have the capability of damaging structures. They will nibble on electric wires posing a fire hazard; they will also chew through your wall lining and structural beams punching holes, which ultimately compromise the stability of your building.


Exterminator Cambridge is a pest control company you can trust. We take extra time to make sure our customers are pests free. We have decades of experience dealing with pests which allows us to successfully see every job through to the end.


We use only licensed pest control products. We conduct all of our services in accordance with provincial and federal laws and guidelines. Safety is our first priority when we deal with pests. We assure the safety of you, your family, and beloved pets.


We go the extra mile when perform our pest control services so that is why we offer a 6-month warranty on all our work. If pests are back within the warranty period we will be back at no additional cost to exterminate them for good. 


Exterminator Cambridge has decades of experience and vast knowledge. All our pest control technicians go through extensive training and real pest managing experience. You can rest easy after booking a service with us knowing you are in good hands!

Potential health problems rats may cause


Hire Exterminator our Rat Extermination Cambridge Expert

Rats can be a big problem when they find their way into your house or business. They are fond of human environments since there is always a steady supply of food and a safe place to nest. Apart from eating your food, destroying your structures and nesting in your house, rats are a potential health hazard. Their presence in your home or property needs not to be tolerated. It’s advisable to contact your local pest removal company the moment you spot the signs.

Humans can get rat-bite fever disease from a rat bite or scratch. Their urine may be infected and can spread leptospirosis that results in kidney and liver damage. Rats can also spread Lymphocytic chorioamnionitis through their saliva or urine when they forage through your surfaces, utensils, water and stored food,

However, the most dangerous rat-spread disease is bubonic plague. This disease is spread when rat fleas bite humans. The fleas hosted by rats are believed to carry the bubonic plague virus that was responsible for millions of human deaths in the middle ages. Rats just like roaches are a potential source of allergens. Their hair, dander, and droppings can have adverse effects on children and some adults forcing them to have allergic reactions.

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