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If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers ant free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure ants are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators Inc. for Cambridge pest control services.


Ant control solutions by licensed and insured exterminators.

Ant Control Cambridge. If you have spotted ants trailing in your kitchen or living spaces, you are probably dealing with an ant infestation. Getting rid of a full-blown ant infestation needs more than getting an ant spray from your nearest convenience store. The only sure way to completely get rid of an ant infestation in your home is to hire a professional pest control company.

We are among the leading pest control services in Cambridge. We understand the importance of a prompt response. Our dedicated team will make sure they respond to your request immediately to manage the infestation on your property. Our service process involves three simple stages:

  • Inspection
  • Treatment/Removal
  • Exclusion

Our team of experienced technicians will conduct an inspection service to determine whether you do indeed have ants in your home, their species, the extent of the infestation, and their entry points. Based on this report, we will discuss the most appropriate technique to get rid of the invasive ants. We treat every infestation uniquely, and our services are tailored to suit your needs. If you are looking to inquire about our affordable rates, services or just calling to get advice about our products- do not hesitate, we are more than willing to help you deal with your ant infestation problem.

Call us today and our licensed and trained professionals will soon be at your doorstep with a guaranteed solution.


Facts About Carpenter Ants


Carpenter ants are notorious for damaging wood. You will find them in your foundation, roof, drainage pipes, and even your bathroom. Carpenter ants are not the easiest insect pests to get rid of. They build satellite nests around and within your home making it difficult to exterminate them completely. Fortunately for you, our technicians have years of experience dealing with carpenter ants. We have an archive of information about their life cycle, habitats and behavior.

Our dedicated team will conduct a thorough inspection of your home to determine if indeed the ants in your home are carpenter ants. Based on the report we will discuss with you the most appropriate method to exterminate them. Our extermination process will involve spraying around your foundation, identified entry points, around windows and doors and where visible ant trails exist.

Inside your home, our technicians will use various types of baits, and if we need to spray, we will treat the individual cracks and crevices or do small spot treatments. We will not use bug bombs that will get the insecticide everywhere in your home. Instead, we will focus on where the ants are active.

At Pest Control Cambridge we take every measure to ensure that all our treatments are safe, effective and affordable. When working on your project, we ensure we use comprehensive treatments as well as prevention plans. This, in turn, will make sure we offer our clients peace of mind that their investments are protected.

It doesn’t matter if the extermination is in your home or office, our Ant Control Cambridge techniques are discreet with minimal disturbance. We treat all projects equally, whether it’s a one-time project or an ongoing engagement, we guarantee you will receive the best service.


Exterminator Cambridge is a pest control company you can trust. We take the extra time to make sure our customers are pestfree. We have decades of experience dealing with pests which allows us to successfully see every job through to the end.


We use only licensed pest control products. We conduct all our services in accordance with provincial and federal laws and guidelines. We put safety first when we deal with pests. We assure the safety of you, your family, and beloved pets.


We go the extra mile when performing our pest control services and that is why we offer a 6-month warranty on all our work. If pests are back within the warranty period, we will be back at no additional cost to exterminate them for good. 


Exterminator Cambridge has decades of experience and vast knowledge. All our pest control technicians go through extensive training and real pest managing experience. You can rest easy after booking a service with us knowing you are in good hands!



Types of Ants

Carpenter ants, even if the name may suggest, do not eat the wood, but, in fact, tunnel intricate galleries, thereby damaging the structural integrity of the property as time goes on. Carpenter ant damage might point out to, what is known as ‘frass’. Frass looks like  fine wood dust and can be sighted directly under a fresh entry-point that the carpenter ants carved out. Carpenter ants,  typically, prefer damp wood, settles in the much driver parts of the house. When you are dealing with an infestation, chances are that you might see an ant in the wild.

Odorous Ants have their name thanks to the smell they release when they are stepped on, It is a very rotten smell that might somebody of eggs. They measure about 1.5mm to 3mm in length. They have a sweet tooth and also take a liking to bugs. They are either black or brown. Outdoors they build their nests under debris, stones, logs, or even use soil. Their population can swell up to 100,000 in a single colony. 

Red imported fire ants are unfortunately known for their burning sting and keep most invaders at a good distance. These ants usually come in a dark red or a brown-shaded color and measure about 3 to 9mm in length. Most fire ants can be found be found outside, but in the case of food they will venture inside 

Pavement ants might be the most familiar species of ants as they can be often be found in residential neighborhoods. They measure around 3mm in length and can be dark brown to black. Pavement ant colonies can have a population of 3000-4000 ants. There are several queens in a colony. The areas beneath slabs of pavements are a preference. Their diet consists of insects, seeds, honeydew, and honey. Indoors can feed on whatever is available, such as nuts, cheeses. and meats.



The two most common ant species to invade your home are carpenter ants and fire ants. Carpenter ants as their name suggest have a liking for wood and will likely inflict costly damage to your home structures that will cost thousands of dollars in repairs.

Fire ants, on the other hand, are dangerous and are known to sting whenever they feel threatened. Though these ants are tiny, their sting involves envenomation that causes severe pain. In some cases, those who are bitten by fire ants get severe symptoms or allergic reactions. This is more common with individuals who are hypersensitive to ant bites.

Ants can spread diseases contaminating your food and water. When they invade your kitchen pantry, cupboards, and utensils, they can easily infect your stored food with bacteria exposing you to harmful diseases. Ants are unsightly insects, especially if they decide to invade your kitchen surfaces, sinks or bathroom.

Why Hire a Professional Ant Exterminator?

When ants invade your home, you want them gone for good! Getting rid of ants on your own isn’t the simplest of tasks. Many ant control solutions have been designed to treat the ants you see. This is the reason that your store-bought ant spray won’t get rid of your ant infestation. To effectively deal with a full-blown ant infestation, a proper ant inspection needs to be conducted, a service only a pest control company can offer.

The investigation will not only determine what ant species have invaded your home but also find out where your ants are nesting and how they got into your home. Since the future of the ants depends on the colony, a professional pest removal company will attack the colony.

Ants have the capability of severely destroying your home; carpenter ants will chew through wood leaving it vulnerable to moisture which ultimately attracts fungi. A professional pest control service will be able to identify the extent of thedamage caused by these invasive insects and offer solutions for repair.

Hiring a professional pest control company guarantees you successful removal of an ant infestation. Professional Ant Control Cambridge experts will ensure that your ant problem is eradicated at the specified time, and in case the problem resurfaces, they will offer a repeat of the service at no additional cost since their services are guaranteed.

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