Is My Landlord Responsible for Mice Control?

Is My Landlord Responsible for Mice Control?

Mice are common pests in every city around the world. They do not discriminate between homeowners and tenants. But, if you have spotted a mouse in your rental unit, you should not have to handle it all yourself. If you are seeing mice, it’s time to speak up. Your landlord should take responsibility of the situation and work with you to solve the problem. If you have any questions, feel free to call Mouse Control Cambridge.  

The Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario states that pest control is the responsibility of the landlord. Landlords must maintain their rental properties, which includes keeping them clean and taking action to control pests such as rodents and cockroaches. Meeting property standards related to health, safety, and maintenance are also required. This means that if there is a mouse problem in your unit, you should tell your landlord about it immediately. Describe to your landlord the situation and ask for help. To make things easier, you can take pictures or videos of mouse activity for evidence. 

Upon informing your landlord of a pest issue, he or she should hire a professional for help. You should then receive at least 24 hours’ notice of a visit from a technician to your unit. The notice should also inform you of anything you will have to do to prepare for the visit. If you live in a multi-residential building, your landlord should also be in contact with your neighbours for treatment. If you can, you should be present when the technician arrives. The pictures or videos you took will help both your landlord and the pest removal technician get a proper understanding of what is going on. 

While your landlord is indeed responsible for pest control, it is still your responsibility as a tenant to keep your rented space clean. If you are dealing with a mouse infestation, keep your unit clean and tidy. Remove all unnecessary clutter from your space and store food in sealed containers. Be sure not to leave any food out overnight and always take the garbage out before bed. These habits will help encourage the mice to consume any bait the mouse control technician will have left out. If you’re concerned about any other issues regarding the structure of your unit, such as a hole in the wall that you suspect is bringing in mice, bring it up to your landlord. 

You should not have to pay for pest control services if you are renting your living space. Your landlord should be responsible. Working together, however, is the key to getting rid of mice. Communicate with your landlord and the pest removal technician to get rid of the mice in the most efficient way possible. If you’re currently struggling with a mouse problem, feel free to reach out to Exterminator Cambridge directly. We offer quality mouse removal and pest-proofing services. Call Exterminator Cambridge anytime.