Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Preventing bed bugs may seem like a daunting task once all of the steps in the process are considered, but the tips will become second nature once you practice them enough. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that subsist on human blood. For hundreds of thousands of years, humans have had to navigate through ways to get rid of this pest; sometimes with success (bed bugs were nearly eradicated in the mid-twentieth century), and sometimes not with success. Any person who has ever experienced a bed bug infestation is likely to be more aware of prevention methods against bringing them back in. Pest control professionals in Cambridge typically advise those who have been cleared of infestations to avoid certain situations that are high-risk for bed bug transmission. These preventative measures should be followed at all times in every Canadian province to prevent the incredibly stressful ordeal that comes with trying to get rid of them.

Never buy or accept used furniture. This may sound very blunt, but there is simply no way to inspect every possible inch of furniture to make sure not even a single, tiny bug is hiding somewhere inside. New furniture and new clothes are also not safe sometimes; however, the spreading of bed bugs in this regard will usually be well-known and indicative of an area outbreak overall. Anything second-hand that is brought into your home should be thoroughly inspected before you bring the items inside.

Bed bugs are also spread by travel where the bugs will typically latch onto bags or clothing and subsequently find their way to a new home via hitchhiking. Preventing visitors or out of town guests from entering your home is, of course, unattainable; therefore, you should politely ask any out-of-town guests to inspect their bags and clothing; they will likely appreciate the heads up. Bed bugs can also be transmitted to a home through routine visits to doctor’s offices, movie theaters, and even through your children returning home from school. It can be a bit problematic to try and prevent any of these normal, everyday routines from occurring; therefore, quick and routine inspections before entering the house are always the best approach to take, especially in large urban centers.

Just as it is crucial to be alerted to warning signs to prevent acquiring bed bugs in your home, the same set of preventative tips are advised for the spreading of bed bugs if you are in the midst of an infestation. Not only is this a bit wrong to spread the bugs to other people, but this is also simply prolonging a bed bug outbreak in a specific region.

Bed bugs can be prevented by following the above steps, but it is important to understand that these insects are incredibly crafty and sneaky. This is why many people can have bed bugs for weeks before they even know they are in the midst of an infestation. If you discover bed bugs, contact a pest control professional immediately upon discovery.