Are Electronic Mouse Traps Effective?

Are Electronic Mouse Traps Effective?


Electronic mouse traps are a modern alternative to the traditional snap trap. These traps use electricity to quickly and efficiently eliminate the mice on your property. You can find electronic traps at many hardware stores for a much higher price than the traditional snap trap. The difference may be worth it to you when considering the advantages they offer. For reliable pest control, call Mouse Control Cambridge and we’ll send those mice packing! 

Electronic mouse traps, also known as zap traps, are more reliable than other traps because they shock the animals. The mice who enter these traps perish immediately. To set an electronic trap, simply bait the inside of the box where mice will walk in, close it, and place it where you have witnessed mouse activity. Most electronic mouse traps work on batteries, so you can put them pretty much anywhere you want. Traps will notify you when they have eliminated a mouse, usually by turning on a light. Some traps will even connect to your smartphone to notify you. Another benefit of electronic traps is that they often allow you to dispose of mice without handling them yourself, you only need to dump the animals out into a garbage can. 

Keep in mind that it takes more than placing traps to eliminate an infestation of mice. Electronic mouse traps are effective at killing mice, but their placement matters. Mice like to follow the same paths every day to get food, so you should try to find these paths and place the traps alongside them. You should also check the traps regularly so you can reset them as soon as they have been used. It takes continuous trapping to interrupt the reproductive cycle and eliminate the mice entirely. 

The biggest drawback to electronic mouse traps is that they do not solve the problem that caused the infestation in the first place. There is a reason why you are seeing mice inside your home, and if it is not addressed, you will see mice again in the future. Check the outer walls of your home for any gaps or cracks mice could use to get in and seal them with silicone caulking. Reduce the amount of clutter you have in and out of the house, and store food in sealed containers. Mouse-proofing your home will block any more mice from getting inside and help with the elimination of the current infestation. 

Electronic mouse traps are effective, but it takes a comprehensive approach to keep mice away for good. Getting the help of a professional pest remover is the best thing you can do when fighting a mouse problem. The technicians at Exterminator Cambridge use the most effective and most humane traps. We will also inspect your property thoroughly to find entry-points and weak spots that we can seal and protect with steel mesh. Call Exterminator Cambridge for safe and effective mouse removal.